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imageEach transaction has three pieces of information attached: An input (bitcoin address that sent the bitcoins), an amount (amount of bitcoins being sent) and an output (the recipient’s bitcoin address).

imageNot that the VA ever helped. Luckily, for the past 13 years I’ve been using a binaural meditation program put out by a company called Holosync that literally saved, not just my life, but those whom I might have harmed had I not come to terms with all that anger. I didn’t even know what it was for well over a decade. Drinking helped in repressing it, but that is a poor medicine. Actually lucky in that regard. Yet, I’d take drinking over those death pills any day! Nothing could be worse than their doctors helping you.

The result of this situation is the lingering market lows. Though the market has seen gains, they aren’t strong enough to change significantly. The investors were hopeful about the gains from their investment, but these dreams haven’t been realized yet. The recent hours brought an influx of capital to Bitcoin, Binance Coin, and others. The market needs a decisive step to get rid of the continuing lag. The performance of the global crypto market has shown a continued pattern of gains.

For example, a Kate Moss T-shirt made by Supreme that retailed for $30 could fetch $1,000 in resale, according to the fashion news site Highsnobiety. The returns can be even higher if you get your hands on limited-edition products.

If you’re not squeamish around needles, you can turn your blood into money. The plasma donation process takes about an hour and Binance a half, and you can make between $20 to $50 per donation, according to Wallet Hacks.

2 - Dice distribution: what everyone is complaining about. The dice will favor the AP only. 1 - Starting order: you will notice how sometimes the board is arranged horribly in favor of the first player, who in this case will be the advantaged player (AP) . AP will often roll 7 to unblock themselves. 2.3 - 7 Often strikes players with more than 7 cards that are not the AP . 2.2 - Game 90% stars with a 7 in the first round. 2.1 - The AP cannot be kept blocked by the robber. Usually by the AP , easy way to block others and get a head start. 2.4 - 7 Often gets rolled in succession until the robber gets parked on a spot that will effectively block the players who are not the AP . 2.5 - 7 Often gets rolled after a knight card is played wasting the efforts of buying and using the dev card. (BTW the AP doesn't need a knight card: see point 2.1) 2.4 - Dices often roll numbers on which AP is settled. 3.1 - on a 7 bots almost never rob the AP . Often many times in a row, creating an irrecoverable gap. 3.2 - bots tend to avoid trading with players who are not supposed to win. It can happen that the bot robs the player who is winning, but that's just because the current leader happens to play better than the AP . 3 - AI: bots act completely irrationally. 3.3 - bots trade until the is at 2 points from the win (3 if I am not wrong in C&K) when it's already too late. You might have noticed more often than not, how you will pull a card that you don't need at all for your tactics. 4 - Development cards: development cards tend to advantage the players. 3.4 - bots trade easily more than 1-1. 4.1 - You will invest in dev cards but the very first card you pull from the deck is a victory point card (pulling a victory point card as the very first card is a complete disaster, some of you might understand). 5 - New player account: if the player is recently signed-up there's a good chance he will win in the first 5 games. This happens to everybody but the AP . But the probability of that happening often is way lower than that. The probability of pulling a VP card as the very first card is 1/5. yet you are left with what you experience.) 4.2 - You will pull a road builder in a game on which it's completely useless.

I know that on Catan Universe I am just one of the many who have gotten incredibly frustrated by the dice distribution that appears to be so much against reality. I am a lover of Catan, played the game since I was 14 years old, in the Netherlands with my family.

As part of the Catan Universe team, I do feel it is my duty to answer the here posted hypothesis despite the fact that we already answered a lot to the mentioned topics above. Of course, most of the feasible RNG solutions for games are pseudo RNGs. That pseudo RNGs aren´t real RNGs and therefore the RNG is flawed. Well… that always backfired! Also please keep in mind not every user does have either programming experience nor a deeper understanding of statistics. We used to describe it as such in many many many posts in the past and bitcoin tried to explain how they work and that it is perfectly normal to use such a pseudo RNG. By describing the inner works with more common terms we do have a bigger chance of more Catanians understanding what is going on. Because our users thought that this was the smoking gun!

Because only 21 million bitcoins can ever be produced by miners, the value of the system is preserved and the value of the bitcoins fluctuates wildly, depending on supply and demand. the bitcoins can then be divided into smaller parts.

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